Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008


The individual and collective images of ourselves and of "the other" determine how we try to heal our personal suffering, which politicians we elect and which other persons and groups we consider as friends or enemies. The constantly surprising findings particularly in quantum physics brings science ever closer to spirituality, i.e. the consciousness of our deep interconnectedness and of love being our original quality and our essence. Quantum physics and spirituality are teaching us that we are deeply connected ("entangled" in quantum language) to all and everything: what happens to others happens equally to us in a very concrete and by times even measurable way.

We are inflicting on ourselves what we reject, fight and destroy. And the practice of compassion, loving kindness and perceiving the human being in the opponent are the intelligent expression of our very own self-interest.

Dr. Albrecht Mahr,

Brigitta Mahr, Organizer
Wissende Felder